Central Texas Marines

240th Marine Corps Birthday Breakfast  14 November 2015
My son has had some readjustment issues and he has been closed up.  At A & M there were a few veterans in his major (construction engineering) and that helped.  Once he graduated, those contacts were lost.  The few hours at that breakfast with all the others, made a great change in him.  He was telling his wife funny Corps stories and was truly happy telling them to her.  She has said that she knows almost nothing about his time in. It was a breakthrough for him.  
     I hope this breakfast helps some others who still haven’t come home.

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast and MC Birthday Ceremony. GREAT JOB BY ALL HANDS! Getting to see my old Marine Brother, Robert O'Malley again was a most pleasant surprise. A Merry Christmas  [🎄]  to ALL. Semper Fidelis, crs